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T'was the night before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the world

Not a creature suspected what would soon be unfurled

Mary and Joseph were traveling with care

In hopes the Christ child soon would be there

Many that night would rest in their beds

With mundane activities dancing in their heads

Hours and days and hundreds of years had past

The Messiah's return had not come so fast

If from within your heart there has arose such a clatter

Consider counseling next year to help you with the matter

You can relate to the pain of the long first century waiting

Unfulfilled hopes and dreams had been frustrating

Sins would soon be made white as snow

The Savior was coming to rescue his people below

The way he would come, humble and mild

Would require his people to have faith like child

In your waiting, don't lose heart

Daughters and sons of God he has called you apart

More rapid than fast internet, the Son he came

Let's rise together and call him by name



Mighty God

El Shaddai



Prince Of Peace


From the center of heaven's royal throne, to the hay filled manger stall

Jesus came to love, serve, rescue, and save all!

He will come again in the twinkling of an eye

He was born that man no more may die!

And just like the day before the first Christmas

His people trusted he was coming with forgiveness

This forgiveness was given freely as a gift

When you were undeserving and adrift

Dear one who is longing to see Christ come back around

To you He has promised to give a righteous crown

And you will be clothed in his goodness, mercy and grace

Your countenance aglow from seeing his face

When the Son of Man returns in glory do not fear

Lift your heads, your redemption is near

From a simple dirty manger, to reigning Savior of the nations

The Lord sees and knows. He will return just as surely as he rose

Even when the way forward seems out of sight

Remember you are never alone on this Christmas Eve night!

-Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC

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