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Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC
EMDR Certified, ART trained

It is not by accident you are here, reading these words. I believe God our Father directs our path by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in us. I want you to know you aren't alone on this unchosen journey. I have been on an unchosen journey of infertility since 2005 that will continue for the rest of my earthly life.  I get what it's like to feel crushed by the waves of grief and I want you to know I have so much hope for you!  If you are reading this, consider this your message in a bottle, the thread of hope you have been looking for. 

I have a hunch you feel stuck, maybe frozen in time, watching life pass you by. On the outside no one may be able to see it, but inside you have been fighting to hold it together.  There is hope for ruminating and intrusive thoughts, questions for God, and all the intense emotions and feelings your body has been experiencing.  I would love to hear your story!


2005: Year I married my husband, John. 

4: Number of cats we have.  
Mia Maria, Joy Byrd, Nutmeg and Smoki

23: Years I have worked in outpatient mental health.

12: Number of tortillas I like to order from Rosas! 
3: Number of networks I helped create:
 Christian Therapists of North Texas
DFW First Responders Support Network
Recovery to Practice 


  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Texas

  • Masters degree: Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of North Texas.

  • EMDR Certified

  • Biblical counseling training through CCEF (Christian Counseling Education Foundation) and The Association of Biblical Counselors, Equipped to Counsel program. 


  • grief, loss, sudden tragedy, traumatic and complex grief
    (death of spouse, child/infant, miscarriage, death of friend, coworker, family member, death of pet, death to cancer, suicide, substance use)

  • nurses, therapists, family members of first responders

  • healthcare professionals navigating work-life balance, compassion fatigue, secondary/vicarious trauma

  • effects of childhood neglect on adult women

  • anxiety, depression, thoughts of death

  • career transitions

  • caretaking for adult parents

  • relationship struggles, women enduring difficult marriages 

  • after-effects of divorce

  • spiritual growth in relationship with God through
    Jesus Christ.

I have experience working exclusively with adults 25+
I do not see children or teens in my practice. 


  • I believe in creative, holistic care for the soul and the body.

  • For the soul, I take a biblically based Christ centered approach, incorporating prayer, biblical principles, and at times scripture into sessions.

  • I incorporate a Christian based approach to IFS (Internal Family Systems), a counseling modality addressing the  "parts" of us who feel guarded, stuck, and/or wounded.  

  • For the body, I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy to help you emotionally digest difficult experiences.  

  • I offer in person therapy in Lake Dallas, TX and video based telehealth sessions to women in Texas. 

I hold to this statement of faith  from my local church.  

I believe you can find joy on your unchosen journey and I would be honored to walk with you, helping you reconnect in your relationship with God and others.

You can use the link below to book a free 20 min phone, or  video consult call with me. 

- Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC
    EMDR Certified

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Mia Maria


Joy Byrd



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