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A meditative way to study the Bible

Here are six simple steps to help you interact with God through his Word, the Bible.

1. Print out the passage, or use a word document you can type in, or a Bible you can mark in as you read.

2. Bring God into the dialog: ask him to uproot any lies you may be believing about yourself, him, or others. Ask him to plant and water seeds of truth in your heart through his Word. Ask him to show you the truth about who he is and who you are. 3. Read through the passage marking, underlining, or highlighting anything that stands out to you. Make an "!" mark next to any WOW moments. Make a "?" mark next to anything you have questions about for further study.

4. Put a box around anything that tells you something about God, or what he has done

5. Put a circle around words or phrases reminding you about who you are (your identity), or any action God is calling you to take.

6. Notice what your gut reaction is to this passage and this exercise. Jot down any reflections you have.

Now share your insight with your counselor, a trusted friend, or mentor.

If you use this method, let me know what passage you chose and how God spoke to you through his Word.

-Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC

Trained in Biblical counseling and EMDR Therapy

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