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In moments of grief and anxiety, understanding the role of our senses can be profoundly healing. This Five Senses Toolkit, is rooted in both a biblical worldview and clinical understanding. It offers practical help for women navigating challenging emotions. Created by Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC EMDR-Certified, who is a Christian based therapist, this toolkit provides a unique perspective, merging spiritual grounding with clinical knowledge.

Inside Your Toolkit:

1. Sense-Centered Coping: Explore how your God given senses can act as anchors during emotional storms. This toolkit gives you ideas for how to create your own toolkit to help you physiologically ground yourself in the present. Use your toolkit to discover how touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight can provide relief and calmness for the body and mind.

2. Biblical Wisdom: On the back of your toolkit are scriptures to pair with each of the five senses. These verses for meditation and reflection will help connect you with your Creator and provide an anchor for the soul. Allow yourself time to read the scripture and consider the sense that goes along with it. Scripture paired with the technique of grounding, offers a holistic approach to healing and restoration in the presence of the Spirit of the living Lord who created you and cares deeply about all parts of you. 

Five Senses Toolkit with Scripture

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