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Finding eternal perspective inside of trials

I continue to walk through a season that has spanned over a decade of seeing many of the more important things I had hoped for in this earthly life taken. Motherhood being one of the bigger ones, but also I have endured and continue, by God's grace, to persevere through a forsaken, barren place, where things others have said and done could have destroyed my sense of worth and identity.

These hurtful statements and actions could have led me down a path of doubting the very God I have loved since I was a child. And yet here I stand from inside the fire, looking into your eyes through the flames of unimaginable circumstances, to tell you... This world is NOT our home. Our earthly "homes" are NOT our final resting place. Even the grave itself is NOT the end.

These trials have been my own worst nightmare, shared only by those closest to me. You know what I'm talking about because you've either been there, or you are there now, walking in the valley of the shadow of death, death of a dream, of a loved one, death of an earth bound desire deferred, that was never biblically promised to you. Your suffering hasn't been broadcasted, you've born the weight of sorrow and rejection in silence. Let's cut to the chase, because these circumstantial flames are hot and don't know about you, but I already have hot flashes from early menopause. It all comes down to this... Do we REALLY believe the Bible is true, or not? We say we believe, but the fiery trials will put those beliefs to the test, trust me I know. Our pastor reminded us this morning that true flourishing is not to be quantified by our emotional state. True flourishing is rooted and grounded in Jesus. Because of Jesus, we ARE flourishing, we will be comforted we will be satisfied, and we will have eternal life. If you are a Bible believer, run your life past, present, and future through these truths. Our biggest downfall is speeding past familiar verses and truths. Sit with each one, chew on them, mull them over, think deeply about them. Ask God to deepen your faith and help your unbelief. • You have new birth through a LIVING hope! • You HAVE an inheritance kept in heaven for you that can NEVER perish or fade. • Through faith you ARE shielded by God's power. • Trials are for "a little while," great rejoicing is possible when we focus on the eternal. • Your faith is of greater value than gold and it will result in praise, glory, and honor when Jesus returns! • Believing in and loving Jesus results in an inexpressible and glorious joy that is focused on the end result of your faith the salvation of your soul! I Peter 1:3-9 Take each of these truths and allow yourself to imagine what each of them being true would look like. You are already spending time imaging catastrophe, and rehashing past conversations and situations, so give yourself equally as much time considering these worthy of praise truths as you do all the other not so good things. Where you struggle with an eternal perspective, Christian counseling can help. Breedlove Counseling, PLLC offers free 20 min phone/video consult calls for women going through life transitions and life losses. Helping you find joy on your unchosen journey!

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