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His and Hers: When you feel more different than alike

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This is our work life in a photo, a true his and hers point of view.

In marriage, there are a lot of things we are opposite on like temperature in the house (he likes the temp cool and I like it warm), music preferences (he's more rock and roll, and I'm more pop), and places to live (he is all about the country and I love the city).

Certainly there are more significant differences you may struggle through like how to pursue building a family, career paths, financial goals, and even how you view God and faith. These come laden with intense emotion and layers of complicated life circumstances.

Many unique trees of common ground can be easily lost inside the forest of differences.

Here are some questions to get us reflecting on what IS present in our relationships:

1. What values do you share with your spouse?

2. What character qualities do you admire in your spouse?

3. Stop for 30 seconds right now and pray for your spouse. Bring God into the dialog of the differences you tend to camp out on. Ask him for help in being patient, and kind.

God is our refuge and strength an EVER PRESENT help in trouble. Where there is trouble in your marriage, God is not just present, he is EVER PRESENT and is there to help.

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