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How can God be faithful and good when...

When life doesn't turn out like you thought, when the thing you prayed for doesn't seem to happen, when years pass and the journey gets harder, the climb steeper, lift up your eyes.

God entered into the valley of the shadow with you. He grabbed hold of your sin, the sins done to you, and all the devastating effects of the Fall, took a deep breath and plunged straight into the heart of death. Like a warrior on a rescue mission, he defeated death in the most epic battle in history to secure your


He would not settle for anything less than a full and perfect rescue, to secure for you an inheritance FAR greater than anything you could have here! Giving you extra years of life, or more creature comforts inside a broken planet was not the end goal. He secured for you fullness of joy for eternity! Forever alive, forever in the presence of your loving friend and Savior Jesus.

This is your God!

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