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Running in heels!

Anyone seeing Jurassic World when it comes out?! I am!! This green inspired eyeshadow look is not only matching my thrift store dress today, but it's giving me all the dino vibes!

One of my favorite scenes from Jurassic World was when Claire boldly threw the flare at the T-Rex and then took off running in her heels!! Yeees girl! I feel like that is so something I would do. Heels are my jam! Never mind the fact that they are probably wreaking my genetically bad knees.

And what powerful imagery... this small frail human, running into harms way, in heels no less , daring to believe that she could make an impact. Kind of reminds me of David and Goliath, a small shepherd boy against a towering, powerful giant! Goliath had quite the mouth on him too, taunting and threatening. Everyone else was petrified of him.

When David arrives on the scene, and sees what is going on he says, "What are we going to do about this? Who does this guy think he is defying the armies of the living God?"

Did you catch that... He said Goliath was defying the "LIVING God."

And the response he got? Mocking, critique, negative assumptions about his intentions, and people telling him what he can't do. The source of all this negativity? His family AND his "boss" aka the king!

David's response to all the naysayers?

He resolutely went up against the giant, not in his own strength, not with confidence in himself, but with full confidence in what God was able to do through him! His perspective was through the lens of God's mighty power! He believed and and boldly reminded his enemy, the battle belonged to the Lord, the Lord Almighty would be victorious!

And so he was and so he will be!

So I say, put on those heels, be strong and courageous because the Lord is with you! The bigger battle against evil has already been won!

There is no egregious, monstrous act against the innocent that will not be repaid a billion fold, and no injustice that will not be made perfectly and completely right.

Throw the flare at the T-Rex, do the work God has called and convicted and empowered you to do no matter how small it may feel. Dare to believe in the enormous power of Jesus to conquer the spiritual forces of darkness and evil!

Remember... this earthly existence is NOT the end of the story! I promise it's not...but don't take my word for it, ask, seek, knock, and search for the absolute truth about how we got here and what happens after we die.

If I could encourage you to make one shift that would change everything for you right now, it would be to zoom out... beyond the time bound years of birth to death and into an eternal gaze of glorious life, redemption, and spell bound beauty, where the lion lays down with the lamb and all tears are wiped away by the nail scarred hand of Jesus!

Let the real end of the story infiltrate, impact, and strengthen you here in the middle of this valley of the shadow of death. As you emerge strengthened by his Spirit, call out to those who have lost their way and are cowering in fear. Remind them the God of all comfort is a living, knowable, personable God who fights on their behalf! #messageinabottle

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