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What to do while waiting...

A watched pot always boils, you just ran out of patience and didn't watch long enough.

I have been drinking A LOT of herbal tea lately. Any other tea lovers out there? I put vitamin C powder in mine, if you love tangy you have to try it! With all this tea drinking I'm either heating water in a kettle, microwave, or an electric kettle. My new favorite is the electric because its SO much faster and doesn't require near as much patience as the kettle on the stove. Plus my stove kettle has lost its whistle which has led to one too many times of forgetting it was sitting on the stove boiling for who knows how long! yikes!!

While waiting for the electric kettle to boil today I was thinking about the phrase, "a watched pot never boils." I thought to myself, but wait... it actually does boil! We say something "never happens" when it's just not happened yet, or its taken a bit longer than we expected. Slow down, breathe, and remember the pot WILL boil, change WILL happen.

There will be a point where you are staring, waiting, watching, and nothing seems to be happening and then "all the sudden" the water boils. If you listen closely, you'll hear the change before you see it. Whatever you do, don't walk away and miss the "whistle" of change that could have happened, but didn't because you were too busy, impatient, and focused on all the wrong things.

When you grow weary in your waiting, listen for the whispered reminder of our Lord, He WILL complete the work he has started in you. He is making you into HIS image, not your version of your best self. His version will beautifully reflect the fruit of the Spirit of Christ: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. He will use anything and everything to refine you, and remind you that He is enough and his way is worth trusting.

Here in my counseling corner I'm going to give you a piece of homework like I do my clients... yeah, you guessed it, go watch a pot boil, if nothing else to prove to yourself that it will.

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