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When something isn't working, turn it upside down!

What are the odds that I ate this cold rice with the end of these sunglasses? If you know me, you'll know it is VERY likely that I did just that! Something about this cracks me up!

We had a saying growing up, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." We were raised in a creative, make your own fun, kind of household. I would often hang my head off the couch and imagine what it would be like to walk around on the ceiling.

It's ok to do things differently, upside down and backwards. After all God's kingdom is often referred to as the "upside down" kingdom. Where death brings life and the King is born as a servant.

No one, I mean NO ONE expected Jesus to humble himself, to take the form of a servant, and to assume his right as King of the world and King of the heart! After all, there wasn't even anything about his appearance that would attract us to him. Isaiah says, "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."

No one thought Jesus' throne would reach into eternity, they were more concerned with how he would take over politically, how he would make things better in the moment.

Thank goodness God's thoughts and ways are higher, grander, and more expansive than anything we could dare to dream or imagine. God was on a massive eternal rescue mission, coming after the hearts and souls of his beloved creation, to rescue them not from a temporary political regime, but from the very clutches of Satan, hell, and death itself!

So when you are looking for a solution, allow yourself to lift your eyes from the unseen to the eternal. Allow yourself permission to think beyond the here and now.

And when you are hungry and you can't find the usual utensils, look around and see what else COULD do the trick! #thatsyourhomework Remember the most unlikely vessel in God's hands can accomplish the most amazing things for His glory and for the good of many!

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