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I found the coolest ambient noise making website! Before I tell you about my discovery, let's talk about the science behind white noise, why counselors use noise machines, and what brown noise is all about. The Brain's Reaction

God has created our brains to detect changes in our surroundings, especially sudden sounds. These unexpected noises can jolt us awake or break our concentration. White noise acts as a buffer, preventing these interruptions from reaching our conscious awareness. Instead of focusing on every little sound, our brains can relax and enter a state of calm, improving concentration and aiding relaxation. Trust me, I don't want to hear my four cats zooming around the living room at 2:00 am, so I definitely use an air machine at night! Sound Barriers If you have ever been to a counselors office you have probably seen noise machines on the doors, or floors. These noise machines create a sound barrier that prevents people walking on the outside of an office from being able to hear the conversation happening inside. Since most office spaces are not sound proofed, counselors have these noise making machines to support the confidentiality of their clients. (The sound machine I use outside my office (pictured below) is a Soundbox. I hang it on my office door and it's great if you are looking for something small with a lot of sound options. It runs off of a USB charge).

White Noise vs Brown Noise– A Deeper Dive:

White noise is like the sunlight of sounds. It contains all the different frequencies of sound, just like sunlight has all the colors. White noise can help increase concentration, relaxation, and can mask tinnitus. Brown noise has a higher intensity at lower frequencies, creating a deeper, more soothing sound. Think about the color brown in nature, like the rustling of leaves or the sound of a gentle waterfall. It's called "brown" because it's associated with these natural, earthy sounds. Brown noise, with its deeper tones, can be especially effective in promoting relaxation, sleep, and improved focus. Where to Find Ambient Sounds Online Noises.Online is a free website where you can select and combine several different ambient noises to create your own custom mix. It also allows you to alter the tone and modulation of the sounds if you want to explore tinkering with other aspects of your soundscape! If you want to dig even deeper into sound generators with more customization tools try out

As one of our God given senses, sound can be highly effective for grounding and calming an anxious body. God's word describes all kinds of sounds! Like this passage from Revelation 14:2, "And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps." For other ways to use the senses for grounding and calming check out this five senses toolkit with scripture references. If you try out one of the online sound websites, be sure to come back and let me know which sound was your favorite!

-Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC, EMDR-Certified

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