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Who is with me?

I stand in a warrior pose; the shield of faith firmly held forward.

I stand beside the Lion of Judah, pieces of his mane lifted by the winds of darkness approaching.

As I look to the east and the west, the helmet of salvation is snug around my head and ears. Shifting my weight, I feel the breast plate of righteousness move with me. I touch it's surface, fingering the textured edge, musing about how exposed I would be without it. I drop my hand to my waist, tucking my thumb just inside the belt of truth, firmly pressing the leather between my fingers.

Standing next to my King, I feel safe enough to let my mind wander for a moment to one of the many moments he came to me, refitting the belt of truth around me after I had loosened and dropped it. So many times he gently picked it up, threading the leather through the loops on my garment. Buckling and cinching it in place he would look up into my eyes and speak the truth over me, reminding me why I needed it.

His voice cuts through my thoughts, bringing me back to the battle at hand. Refocusing I glance over at my Kinsmen Redeemer. He continues speaking calmly yet urgently, "The flaming arrows of the evil one are near.... Now! Lift your shield!" Readjusting my stance, I lift the shield. Moments later his command comes, "Unsheathe!" In one swift motion, I reach across my body, pulling out the shining Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. As if the heavens anticipated this moment, the clouds briefly part, allowing warm rays of sun to pour onto us, illuminating the blade and dancing off of it like an exchange of sparkling starlight.

Despite the wind, now rushing at us like waves off a raging sea, and the rain aggressively pelting my helmet and shield, my feet are surprisingly secure, firmly grounded. I notice a strong inner confidence, no matter what is about to happen next, I know instinctively... I will not be shaken. My growing confidence and strength are not merely a result of my training, but because of the King beside me. We have walked many miles together, fought many battles, ate many meals and spent many hours talking together.

I know him, but he knows me so much more.

I know without a doubt, in this battle...

I will not be overcome! I will not lose heart! I will not be forsaken!

I know, even if this battle takes me to the edge and end of physical life, I will not cease to live!

Who is with me?

-Carrie Breedlove MS, LPC

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